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Orchestra Boosters



Michelle Wright and George Albero



Neha Khandelwal


Minah Lee

Assistant Fundraising

Katherine Podrasky

Event Coordinator

Vacant Position. Interested?


Andrea Marshall


Frances Hill

Member at Large

Tracy Edmunds

Member at Large

Paul Bielicki

Member at Large

Susan Kreider

Member at Large

Rana Fox

 Orchestra Teacher and Director

Amanda Turner


To potential parents considering joining our board,

We are a fun, attentive group that collectively provides assistance to Mrs Turner, as needed. As president, I aid with fundraising efforts, approve board decisions upon request, and participate in monthly board meetings.
We have developed many fundraising ideas this year as a group and always welcome new creative ideas. Being part of our board is not a huge burden or a big time commitment. It is on average 2 hours/month.  We are a small, intimate group of volunteers, and our tasks are generally small and fun.
Please consider joining us and help make a difference in the arts program! 

Yours sincerely,
Michelle Wright

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